​​Just In Time as a Competitive Advantage

One often hears the complaints about the Internet Retail Giants low ball pricing and that it is difficult to compete against a store. While it can’t be argued that price is important, it can be argued that timing is more important. There is an old axiom that retail success starts and ends with Selection. That …Read More

Percent or Dollar

  One of my early mentors drilled it into my head that, “You don’t bank percent; you bank dollars.” In a previous blog I wrote about Just in Time supply as a competitive advantage. Just in Time Supply can have a tremendous impact on gross margin dollars, while potentially making the retail door more competitive …Read More


This article is the first in a series that will offer a viewpoint on what is causing the “Retail Apocalypse” and how to not only survive, but prosper, while others fail.  I think that this is an important discussion to be had. A business failure at any level is catastrophic on so many levels. Store …Read More