Air Waves Print On Demand

Air Waves Print On Demand

Deliver what sells.

With our online tool, you can import your own designs onto various products, sizes, and styles to present them to your customers.

Build your brand today. The ultimate platform to create an online store to start selling your designs and increasing your brand awareness. Utilize our inclusive array of sizing with zero worry of unsold inventory.

Air Waves POD

Easy to Use Shopify App

Air Waves: Print On Demand is a free install from the Shopify App store. Get up and running in minutes with a huge garment catalog.

Advanced API

Our fully documented API can connect to almost any platform. We also offer advanced integration with popular e-commerce routing applications.

Inclusive Sizing

We have expertly sourced our blank products to ensure an extremely inclusive range of sizing for men, women and kids.

Zero Inventory

Get your clients' brands off the ground smoothly and successfully with a painless and straightforward integration process.

No Product Overhead

We won’t print until your product sells. You will never worry about being stuck with leftover merchandise again.

Central Shipping Origin

Our Columbus, OH production facility puts us at the "heart of it all." That means we can get your product to all corners of the country quickly.

Solution Spotlight

Project Aloha

We helped transform Project Aloha from traditional bulk ordering and fulfillment business, to a nimble made-to-order ecommerce store, ready to launch new shirts on a minute's notice.
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Interested in Print On Demand?

Our custom e-commerce integrations help us control the entire printing and fulfillment process so you can be confident your customer is getting exactly what they ordered.

If you're ready to start capitalizing on your brand and building your physical presence, fill out our interest form and our team will be in touch within one business day.

More Service Solutions

Air Waves Wholesale


This is not your average bulk ordering. We have revolutionized the process of wholesale to maximize our customer’s revenue while drastically reducing their initial investment.
Air Waves Fulfillment


Our decades of experience fulfilling apparel orders on multiple platforms gives us a unique edge in speed-to-market for our selling partners and timely deliveries for consumers.