The Modern Way to Buy in Bulk


A Collaborative Catalog to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

We all know the old problems with wholesale:

  • Designs take too long to get through the approval process
  • Too much inventory is purchased, and you are forced to mark down
  • You are forced into pre-packs without knowing what the demand will be
  • Lack of communication between you and your supplier

We listened to each of these pain points and have successfully removed them all with modern Wholesale by Air Waves


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Pain Free Designs

Our art team works around the clock to spot the latest trends, create mock-ups, and have them ready to present to you long before decisions have to be made for the next quarter. Every time they walk in your door, they will see something new.

You Determine Sizing

If you want six smalls, eleven larges, and fifty-three 2xl’s, you can order it! We will never hold you to a specific pre-pack. You build the size quantities that make the most sense for your store and your customers.

Convenient Ordering

We will partner with you to create a fresh and new lookbook with the latest trends and designs for you to choose from. You'll have the ability to adapt to new culture trends and capture a fresh round of designs for your customers. This will also drastically decrease the amount of products you will have to mark down.

A Collaborative Partnership

Your Air Waves representative is available to meet and see how things are going. You will always be in-the-know with your account, the latest trends, and the recommendations from your expert team at Air Waves.