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Air Waves is an e-commerce apparel company based in Columbus, Ohio focusing on the main customer needs:

  • OnDemand: Build a brand and start selling merch as quickly as you would like with no inventory commitment.
  • Wholesale: The modern way to buy in bulk for your brick and mortar.

  • Our revolutionary approach to the apparel printing business is nothing short of a game changer for our clients.

    Using technology and innovation to lead the way, we have successfully transformed the long-time craft of apparel printing into an efficient, technology-driven machine.

    A thriving company is built on the foundation of strong and humble leadership.

    Kyle Kantner

    President & Partner

    Michele Delligatti

    VP of Sales & Merchandising

    Dan Pauly

    VP of Technical Services & Operations

    Chris Barrett

    Chief Financial Officer

    Kyle Weller

    Director of Marketing & Ecommerce

    Our Four Pillars

    Innovate Every Day

    By focusing on technology, innovation, and ingenuity, we have evolved as a world leader in the garment decoration industry. Our goal is to continuously improve our business in ways that far surpass the competition.

    Create Your Own Destiny

    With an eye to the future, we continue to invest in Air Waves, our employees, and our partners. Thanks to smart, strategic planning and creative problem-solving, we have successfully established a pattern of excellence that will continue for years to come.

    Outwork & Outsmart The Competition

    We believe that the path to success is paved with hard work. We work hard because we believe in the work we do. And we continue to push ourselves to be the absolute best we can be—because that’s what our customers expect.


    Yourself, Co-Workers, Family, Friends, Workplace and Goals. We are a group of dedicated individuals with a cooperative, can-do spirit that has no parallel. By taking the time to properly understand each other and build mutual respect, we can successfully navigate whatever challenges come our way.

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