Air Waves Pillar of Business Spotlight: Outwork & Outsmart the Competition

Air Waves Pillar of Business Spotlight: Outwork & Outsmart the Competition

Air Waves Pillar of Business Spotlight: Outwork & Outsmart the Competition

Why Outwork + Outsmart?

While all pillars of our business are vital, this pillar in particular is a key driver for our business. Outwork and Outsmart are a collective pairing and not singular in their intent and not to be confused with Overworking and Overthinking. We are nimble, creative, bold, methodical and unpredictable all in one. This is our driving and motivating pillar to complement the softer or more functional pillars at Air Waves.

In my opinion, to outwork and outsmart the competition means to continuously test new concepts to encourage business growth. At the same time, getting ahead of known challenges and being adaptable to changes or processes needed for development. – Angelique Spring, Air Waves Team Member

The purpose for this pillar is to focus on having individuals on your team who are willing to think outside the box, take chances, move quickly and be ahead of the competition. This pillar makes us unique from our competition and is where decision making resides. We have a flat organization, with people we trust to make decisions to progress the business.

3 Ways Air Waves Has Practiced This Pillar Recently:

  • With COVID-19 and all the uncertainty of 2020, provided numerous examples from our team.
  • We had a number of individuals who stepped up within our production team to manage social distancing and masking requirements within the facility that allowed us to stay open and minimize production delays.
  • We internally developed numerous apps to effectively manage our process, such as inventory management tools for physical inventory counts.
    Another area is employee based, as individuals are cross trained in different areas, allowing for us to run a lean organization with hands-on, multi-function roles.

To outwork and outsmart the competition is vital to have continued success as a business. We need the ability to take our innovations and implement them into our everyday job without slowing down job production. This is done by having a constant idea of what our competition is doing so we provide our customers with the best experience possible. We then need to follow up the outsmart with outwork. At the end of the day you are expected to get your task done and everyone at AirWaves does a great job of completing their task at hand. – Josh Pence, Air Waves Team Member

Always Preparing for What is Next

As the digital print space continues to develop, whether it be the speed of a printer, ink technologies or capacity increases, this space is quickly evolving and a key focus for our future.

We believe this pillar allows us to evolve and pivot quickly, which allows us to be on the bleeding edge of change and stay ahead of competition. Efficiency is our best friend, the ability to have strong developers driving process is a great asset.

We are able to keep this pillar at the forefront of our success by leaving departments and titles at the door. This allows for intentional meetings, where everyone has decision making capability so we can move quickly and allows for communication between departments to occur more easily.

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