Advancements in Technology at Air Waves

Advancements in Technology at Air Waves

Advancements in Technology at Air Waves

Technology is the backbone of all modern companies in 2022. At Air Waves, we recognize one of the best ways to stay as efficient as possible for our clients is by constantly reviewing our current software, hardware, and processes to see where we can stand to improve. Learn a little more about these three key areas of our company and what we are doing to stay at the top of our game.

Software Advantages at Air Waves

Most of the software that the Air Waves team utilizes on a daily basis are in-house-built applications. These applications tie into various systems for a full end-to-end system. The systems range over a variety of departments across our facility and allow for easy aggregation of data to create impactful reports and save tremendous amounts of time for our team and our customers.

By taking advantage of the software capabilities available to us, we remove tedious tasks which cut down on unnecessary labor costs and improves our overall production process. Large data sets can be digested into manageable reports for various departments to better function their daily tasks.

By employing a team with the technical expertise to build in-house software, we have more control and flexibility when the requirements or production process need to be reviewed or updated.

“The software that our development team digests are extremely large data sets, which allows us to track trends and analyze opportunities that we would not have the ability to do without their work.” – Chris Barrett, CFO

Hardware Advantages at Air Waves

The two most common pieces of equipment you will see throughout our facility are WindowsPC and Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pie allows us to run the in-house software across numerous workstations at a very low cost. The PCs allow us to run our software at a higher capacity to meet the needs of the individuals who work in the office. We have a generally simple structure with the power of enhanced reporting capabilities that allows us to be nimble but also in the weeds when needed on specific data.

Through combining different machines, we are able to cover all our bases for what our production team needs to keep running smoothly.

Process Advantages at AIr Waves

The development team tends to perform our reviews and updates in iterations. We typically start out with receiving a general description of what the end-user is looking for. Next, we will most likely connect with the requesting party and ask a few follow-up questions to make sure we go into the problem with as much information as possible.

Then, we build a working version of what the end-user is looking for. We release it to the end-user so they have the opportunity to test it out, see if there are things that need to be changed or tweaked, and then update it from there. The high level of communication between the development team and the end-users results in a pretty flawless process to ensure that what we are creating will be functional and will fix the problem they were experiencing.

The ability of the dev team, coupled with the dev framework, allows us to scale and adapt as needed. With this custom-built capability, we are able to solve our team’s problems, increase automation, and continually streamline the Air Waves process.

Practically Living Out Our Values

Through the development team’s in-house software, light and durable hardware choices, and a flexible process for solving problems, we are able to practically apply all four of our pillars of success:

Having the ability to clearly point to our pillars of success is an efficient way to ensure our team is on track to continually deliver the highest quality product to our clients. Learn more by connecting with Air Waves today.