Pillar of Business Spotlight: Respect

Pillar of Business Spotlight: Respect

Pillar of Business Spotlight: Respect

“The True Meaning of Respect. Respect is an assumption of good faith and competence in another person or in the whole of oneself. Depth of integrity, trust, complementary moral values, and skill are necessary components.” -Air Waves Team Member

Why “Respect”?

We utilize this Air Waves Pillar of Business, Respect, in a variety of ways. It is a reminder that while we push to innovate and pivot as a business, there is also a constant in our business approach and practice. As the most simplified pillar on the outside, the depth of this extends beyond the obvious in many aspects within our team.

Respect for an individual is the core of this pillar and expands from there into every corner of our business. We respect a person’s time, thoughts, efforts, life situations, customer experience, customer expectation, business partnerships, communications, and the list goes on.

There are many facets to this pillar that are simplified as “Respect,” but the day-to-day operations are not able to succeed if things don’t flow from the top down through the entire company.

We drive with an entrepreneurial mindset, including constant change and adaptations. We also keep a focus on the individual and how they are treated. This helps drive further change when instances of respect identify the need for new change as well.

“Respect is an essential pillar of our company that makes our company a great place to work. Respect yourself first is the most important aspect of this pillar; that is why it is number one on the list.” -Air Waves Team Member

3 Ways Air Waves Practiced Respect in the Past Year:

  1. With COVID-19, we had a large number of variables in 2020. Flexibility and respect of time was a key component. Keeping that a priority allowed us to succeed by understanding the logistics and timing for individuals drastically changed when schools and child care saw roadblocks.
  2. Bringing Human Resources back into the building was key, which allowed for more conversations between colleagues and an environment for individuals to improve upon communication skills and opportunities for improvement. As part of our transition within Hybrid, we are excited about the expansion of HR functions internally. We have the opportunity to continue to develop staff at all levels and their ability to perform and respect others with our office, gather more diverse exposure to other viewpoints, and the growing flexibility needed in the current environment.
  3. An important part of Respect also translates into our daily work. We believe an important part is the team’s ability to respect others’ input and to cultivate a safe environment for individuals to voice their ideas. The environment to promote innovation starts with the respect of ideas which provides a safe environment for failed ideas so that successful ideas can rise up.

“Respect is being considerate of others. When you are considerate of others and speak with kindness you can build meaningful relationships and learn to value someone else’s opinions, background, abilities, and more. Respecting others is necessary to create a positive environment and to achieve goals.” – Nicole Peak

People First Approach

By including Respect as a pillar of business, it allows us to avoid the win-at-all-cost approach and to create long-term employment opportunities for our team. This pillar is a sincere desire for the business to strive for respect at all times, for the good of all individuals within our team.

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“I see this pillar applied daily in our company, starting with the senior management team down to all our employees. Respect, it is one of our engines.” -Francisco Ayala