Team Member Spotlight: Nicole Peak

Team Member Spotlight: Nicole Peak

Team Member Spotlight: Nicole Peak

At Air Waves, we know that we owe our 40 years of success to our team members’ dedication, creativity, and perseverance. Please meet Nicole Peak, who has been a part of our team since 2021 as a Staff Accountant.

AW: Why do you enjoy working at Air Waves?

NP: The relaxed, close-knit workplace environment at Air Waves. I’m able to enjoy going to work because of the relationships I have built with my coworkers. Such relationships are hard to come by in some companies because of the number of employees or the structure of the office. But at Air Waves, our team knows that the best way to succeed for our customers is by communicating regularly and understanding the people you work with.

AW: What is a skill you have learned or been able to improve during your time at Air Waves?

NP: During my time at Air Waves, I have improved my critical thinking skills. I have learned to ask more questions and think of ways to make everyday tasks more efficient. This results in finding solutions to challenging problems faster.

AW: What is something you would still like to learn more about?

NP: I would like to learn more about the screen printing process at Air Waves. I believe having a deep understanding of what we do for our customers will allow me to improve even more at my day-to-day tasks.

AW: What is your favorite memory during your time here?

NP: My favorite memory was holiday PJ day in the office!

AW: How do you think Air Waves stands out from other apparel printers?

NP: Air Waves stands out because of the vast, unique artwork that is offered to customers. We make it easy for our customers to find art that they can connect with.

AW: What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting out in their career?

NP: I would advise someone who is just starting out in their career to ask as many questions as possible. Asking questions allows you to gain a deeper understanding as to why you are doing something.

AW: What is something you enjoy outside of work?

NP: I have an animal collection waiting for me at home that consists of two bunnies, a cat, and four dogs. I will never have too many dogs to love 🙂

A Company Focused on the People

Thank you to Nicole for sitting down for this interview, and for joining the Air Waves team!

If you are interested in working with experienced industry professionals like Nicole, visit our website to learn more about how to become an Air Waves team member today!