Tips to Sell Merchandise on Shopify

Tips to Sell Merchandise on Shopify

Tips to Sell Merchandise on Shopify

Congratulations, you have decided to sell merchandise online! Now, where should you start? In today’s online shopping experience, there are many different avenues you can take depending on your level of expertise, type of product you are selling and creating the best online experience for your shoppers.

For many online retailers, we recommend looking no further than Shopify. Here are a few reasons why we think you should start with Shopify:

Easy to Set Up

Because Shopify is one of the top leading online retailers, they have mastered the process of establishing a new account. Whether you consider yourself to be tech savvy, or if this is your first digital venture, you will find the process to be quick and easy.

Shopify also offers many step-by-step instructions for various account setups along with a very responsive 24/7 support team at your disposal.

Easy To Maintain

Another great feature of choosing Shopify is the accessibility of your store – no matter where you are! As a modern entrepreneur, you may find yourself on-the-go frequently. If you find you need to make a change to your store but you are not in front of your desktop or laptop, you can simply download the Shopify app and make real time changes wherever you go!

You can learn more about the Shopify app by visiting their website, or you can download their app today on your iPhone or Android device to get started instantly.

Extensive Support

Have a question about establishing your account, updating a product, troubleshooting shipping, etc.? Shopify provides 24/7 support through their website and app along with an extensive library of help documents through their Shopify Help Center.

Looking for answers to more specific topics like the latest trends or strategies to capitalize on sales? We recommend connecting with the Shopify Community! This group has thousands of members discussing different topics and tricks to get the most out of your online store. There are also virtual and in-person meetups for this community based on your location and interests.

Searching for even more support? Shopify is constantly creating different and exciting tools and resources to help their customers succeed. You can explore their website to learn more, but we personally are fans of their Business Name Generator and other creative tools available to help get your business up and running.

Can Grow With You

Another great reason to choose Shopify is their ability to scale to whatever size works best for your business. Whether you have one, hundreds or thousands of products, Shopify has the capabilities to meet you where you are at along with keeping up with you as you succeed and expand your business.

Connects Seamlessly with Air Waves

Finally, one of our favorite perks of choosing Shopify for your online business is the seamless integration with the Air Waves OnDemand Merchandise App. By following our short and concise steps, you will be able to design and list your creations straight from our app to your online store.

Also, with the Air Waves OnDemand model, you never have to worry about unsold merchandise. Simply list your products, wait for your customers to purchase and we will handle the rest! We will always explicitly share what your investment will be per order, and you can remove the hassle of the ordering, packaging and shipping process.

Learn more about the benefits of the Air Waves OnDemand tool by visiting our website at

A Few Tips

So now that you have chosen to use Shopify for your merchandise sales, here are a few tips and tricks we recommend to help you get started…

Stay Consistent with Your Brand

When you set up your store, take special care to ensure that all fonts, imagery and colors used are specific to your brand. Make sure you’re not using any generic text (like lingering Lorem Ipsum), and have your logo set up along with your company information, etc.

Keep All Products Organized

Before you start adding products to Shopify randomly, we recommend using a spreadsheet to organize all the products you plan to have available along with all their variables. Variables are different aspects of a product like color, sizing, neckline, sleeve length, etc.

This also includes product imagery. If you are working with an on-demand model like the one available with Air Waves, be sure to acquire and organize all product imagery from your supplier. If you require more imagery, you can order one of each and either have yourself or someone else model the pieces for you.

If you’re just getting started on product photography, here are some recommendations.

Keep Search Engine Optimization & Online Reputation Management in Mind

How can people buy your products if they don’t know they exist? This is where optimizing product titles and descriptions come in. Be sure to link the products out to other sites, like your social media channels, regularly. Finally, be sure to have a solid plan for asking your customers for reviews on your products and their experience with your company overall.

You Got This!

Starting your online store may be a little overwhelming at first. But with the right partners in your corner, you can establish a digital presence that will resonate with your customers, and will be making a profit, in no time!

Do you have questions about Shopify or the Air Waves OnDemand app? Visit our Help Center or contact Air Waves today!